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My product of choice is multi award winning tanning brand, He-Shi.

About He-Shi

He-Shi Exceptional Tan

He-Shi was the first self-tanning brand created in Ireland and spurred on by the desire to create the perfect tan women deserve. With over 17 years of experience in creating innovative self-tanning solutions, He-Shi has developed the latest in spray tanning designed to deliver flawless results. Using the finest ingredients and 100% Eco Cert approved DHA to provide products that not only deliver a beautiful glow, but nourish and improve the condition of the skin.

Why I choose to use He-Shi Spray Tan on my clients?

  • It has a lovely olive undertone that suits Irish skins. When applied it doesn’t look orange.
  • It’s alcohol free so it doesn’t dry out the skin.
  • It contains Youth Revive a Moisture Lock Technology which helps improve skin hydration & condition while helping to combat the signs of ageing.
  • It also contains Pro-Vitamin B5 & Glycerine which helps retain skin’s moisture & prolong tan.
  • It’s quick drying & has a delicate fragrance – no more smelling like coffee-soaked biscuits!
  • It contains 100% natural DHA & is not tested on animals.


10 Golden Rules of S

Pre-Tanning Preparation:

1. If you have an event like a wedding or special occasion, it’s best to get your spray tan done 2 days beforehand

Before your spray tanning appointment:

2. Ensure shaving and waxing has been carried out at least 24 hrs in advance to prevent tan clogging the pores. Hair removal after tanning will completely remove the tan

3. You must exfoliate (on dry skin, paying particular attention to elbows, knees hands & feet) the day before or at least 4hrs prior to tanning – this will remove the top layer of dead skin allowing the tan to be absorbed quickly & wear off evenly

4. Do not apply moisturiser, deodorant or perfume as they will act as a protective barrier or react with DHA e.g. turn the underarms green, EEK!

5. Remove all jewellery, wear loose dark clothing and flip flops

Spray Tanning Aftercare:

6. Avoid straps and/or wear a strapless bra until the following day

7. Do not shower for 8 hrs after tanning – it’s best to leave tan overnight for skin to fully develop the colour

8. When showering do not use shower gels, soaps or exfoliating creams as these will strip the colour. After showering, pat dry with a towel – do not rub!

9. Moisturise, Moisturise, moisturise! – This will maximize the length of time your tan lasts. Apply in the morning & evening preferably. The tan will only go patchy and scaly, if the skin is dry & not moisturised!

10. Before another tan application a full body exfoliation should be carried out


Contra-Indications to Spray Tanning

If you suffer from any of the following conditions, a spray tan may not be the right option for you.  Please check with your therapist when making an appointment.

  • A recent operation / scarring – wait at least 6 months for skin to heal itself.
  • Open cuts, wounds, recent body piercings / tattoos if red or infected.
  • Allergies / eye infections.
  • Epilepsy.
  • Dermatitis/Eczema/Psoriasis.
  • High/Low blood pressure.
  • Certain Medications that may promote skin sensitivity.

* Pregnancy – there are no known dangers but tanning lotions can sometimes cause an allergic reaction.  Changes to hormone levels can make the skin more sensitive during pregnancy so a spray tan is not advisable.  If using fake tan, check with your doctor first & test the product on a small area of skin to see if you have a reaction.

“Is it safe to use fake tan during pregnancy?” Read more on HSE Online

How Spray Tanning Works?

The active ingredient in self tanners is Dihydroxyacetone or DHA.  DHA is a derivative of sugar which reacts with the skin causing tanning to occur resulting in a natural glow.

The skin is made up of several layers.  The outer layer of the epidermis is called the ‘horny layer’ & the cells here are hardened dead cells which hold the protein melanin.  When DHA is applied to the skin it works by breaking down the melanin allowing a tanning effect to occur.

The tan will appear within 2hrs and cannot be washed off.  Your tan will naturally fade as the skin’s cells fall off.

The depth of colour will depend on the amount of DHA in the tanning formula & your natural skin tone.

He-shi Spray Tan

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